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FRIDAY 5th MAY 2017
Featuring blues artist “PJ O'Brien Band"
Yoogali Club (green room)
Concert ticket $20pp
Concert & Supper Ticket $40pp
Supper tickets must be pre-purchased prior to show
Tickets available at the door, online, Beelbangera General Store and Lesleys of Griffith

PJ O'Brien

PJ O’Brien is no stranger to the big stage, his smooth and soul-filled vocals have been turning heads from Perth to Memphis, Chicago, Austin, London, and Singapore.
Now the gun performer, along with his band, is set to get the party started at First Friday Live (FFL) at the Yoogali Club on Friday, May 5.
Along with a plethora of shows under their belt, the blues band have also scored a number of awards including song of the year and group of the year at the ‘Chain’ Australian Blues Awards, Blues Song of the Year at the WA Music Industry Awards, Music Oz Blues Artist of the Year and Sydney Blues Society Performer of the Year.
PJ’s latest Album, Jefferson Blues, debuted at number one on the Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Chart, where it held the top spot for two months and spent four months in the top three.
The CD has received fantastic reviews and accolades across Australia, the UK, Europe and the United States.
Tom Hyslop from Blues Revue Magazine USA labelled PJ as a ‘talent to watch’ and Danny Murphy from FHM Australia said he was a ‘superlative guitarist’.
Al Hensley from Rhythms Magazine Australia recently said PJ was ‘one of the brightest talents to emerge on the Aussie Blues scene in a long while….an international blues star on the rise’.
The PJ O’Brien Band also features legendary bass player Al Britton (Bondi Cigars) and Dave Fester (Glen Cardier and the Sideshow) on drums.
Drummer Dave Fester, who is making his third return to the FFL stage, said he loves the First Friday Live event and looks forward to seeing a full room of music lovers.
“I love Griffith and I love First Friday Live, it’s a great event and I couldn’t imagine Griffith without it, once a month the town gets to come alive with great music,” he said.
Dave said the band, which have been playing together for five years, are sure to deliver a diverse set list with great ballads, plenty of blues rock and even some danceable tracks.
Adding to what will already be a great night filled with award-winning music will be PJ’s stage presence and charm.
“PJ is like the accessible guy next with rock star qualities, the ladies will definitely love him,” Dave said.
“He is a great songwriter and I really think everyone will have a great night, we will be playing covers and originals from the two albums.”
The bands ‘spine-tingling dynamics’ and award-winning song writing will be on display from 7.30pm.
Check out more about the PJ O’Briend Band at


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Genevieve Chadwick and The Stones Throw - Friday 7th April 2017

She looks like an angel.....roars like a lion and plays guitar like a demon!

Smoky and vivacious vocals are set to grace the Yoogali Club when Genevieve Chadwick hits the stage for First Friday Live.

Armed with a gutsy stage presence and outstanding guitar work the extraordinary young performer has the ability to captivate audiences and bring an entire venue to a standstill.
While Genevieve has delivered amazing performances at major Australian festivals including Bluesfest Byron Bay and Thredbo Blues Festival, the gun performer always enjoys returning to the small stage to play to First Friday Live audiences.
“Finding these shows or gigs around the country where people are actually coming out for live original music and listening is super rewarding,” she said.
“You can play a dozen gigs but some of them you can feel like wallpaper but First Friday Live is a gig where you’ve got a listeners audience and an engaged audience and it is an intimate setting…it’s one of the great gigs you’ll find around the place,
“All musicians will tell you the same thing when those gigs come around and they will go back and play many times because they are the good ones.”
Her powerful voice has been likened to the great Janis Joplin and a female John Butler, which Genevieve said is all self-taught and anyone can learn to sing.
“I never got lessons for singing, I just started writing songs because I had melodies in my head and so naturally I just tried singing,” she said.
“I have just tried and figured it out along the way, it’s never too late to learn and I do think everyone has a voice.”
As for guitar, Genevieve said she has been hooked ever since she learned to play her first Nirvana song and growing up in the nineties she enjoyed the likes of Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
“A few years after I first learned how to play the guitar I started to write songs and that led to playing with others and playing gigs and joining bands,” she said.
“It’s like an addiction you just get away from.”
When it comes to writing her own music, Genevieve said there is a real beauty in writing something that can be meaningful to others.
“First and foremost I write for myself, to get something off my chest as a form of expression and a release,” she said.
“The bonus is when other people can relate to it or get something from it and there becomes a connection,
That’s one of the amazing things about performing because there are the moments when you can share something with the audience and they can share something with you, it’s a connection you don’t normally get in life.
Audiences can witness Genevieve’s extraordinary vocals and stage presence on Friday, April 7 at the Yoogali Club for First Friday Live.
Genevieve will be accompanied by her band, The Stones Throw, with Mick Malouf on bass and Dave Fester on drums.