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Setting the tone for a great night out

Written by Friday, 03 June 2016 19:30

There's something about the way The Luxxtones play that keeps people coming back for more…and more accurately keeps people from remaining seated during their gigs! Experience will do that. The ability for a musician or band to read a crowd becomes paramount, and this is something The Luxxtones do particularly well. They will be ready for another of their stellar performances for First Friday Live on 3 June.

Based in Griffith, the seven-piece band features musicians Rosanne Jones, Ross Vecchio, Anthony Biondo, Shane Gilchrist, Tony Andreazza, Lynda Medcalf and Lachlan Pendlebury.

First Friday Live is pleased to again feature The Luxxtones to its increasingly loyal fans. This is something co-founder Livio Mazzon commented on recently. "A lot of consideration goes into the selection of acts. While we are searching for new talent all the time, we appreciate the discerning nature of our audiences.”

Livio added, “It's important to give good value. And hopefully this translates into a good time. The Luxxtones are one of those acts that consistently provides their audiences with a good time.”

The Luxxtones will be appearing at Giuseppe’s Restaurant & Bar at 7.30pm on Friday 3 June.

So you don’t miss out, you can get your tickets at Lesley's of Griffith and Beelbangera General Store until Friday. Or rock up on the night where tickets are available for $15 at the door. The regular lucky door prizes and raffles will be back with prizes to be won. Giuseppe’s menu is available until 9.30pm.

To learn more about First Friday Live visit: or call Livio Mazzon on 0428 235 871.

For more information about The Luxxtones visit:

Sharon Halliday | Mobile: 0419 217 112 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.