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2015 December

2015 December (1)

You know a live music act is good when the organisers have to rearrange furniture mid-gig so that more people can get up and shake their groove thing! But this is exactly what happened last time Grooveyard Hammond Combo came to town.

Based in Albury, Grooveyard Hammond Combo are fast becoming a popular act due to their quirky style of blues, soul, and R&B. So Giuseppe’s Restaurant & Bar will be the place to be on Friday 4 December when they return by popular demand.

Grooveyard’s amazing sound is created by a collection of instruments played by band members Phillip Stone (electric + acoustic guitars, and ukuleles), Carolyn (‘Caz’) Higgs (electric bass, U bass, percussion + vocals), Graeme Cook (Hammond organ, accordion, trumpet, and trombone) and Kevin McGrath on drums. And all four pack a powerful punch as vocalists.

When asked about audiences’ reaction to their music, front-woman Caz Higgs had this to say, "When the band starts to play there's a synergy. It's as though the stars align and everything comes together in a grooveyard. Hence we use the name, Grooveyard, as a colloquialism for record shop."

She went on to say, “There’s nothing more energising to a band than seeing people move and groove to your tunes. You know when people start to dance that it’s resonating with them. And it doesn’t matter if they don’t know the song because it’s a feeling and an energy coming off the band. Like pebbles on a pond, it ripples out and has an effect.”

First Friday founder, Livio Mazzon echoed this point by saying, “The band fearlessly stretches and massages arrangements on the fly, and they are versatile and able to play as an electric band or an acoustic quartet. All this makes for a night with Grooveyard that should not be missed.” As 2015 comes to a close, what better way to celebrate than at First Friday Live.

Starting at 6.30pm at Giuseppe’s Restaurant & Bar, for the first time, a $35 ticket will get you entry plus a buffet featuring 3 types pasta, 3 types pizza, calamari and salad.  

Tickets are to be purchased by 5pm Wednesday 2 December from either Beelbangera General Store or Lesley's of Griffith – but get in quick, as only 70 dinner tickets are available. If patrons are not having the meal, the usual $15 tickets can be bought pre-purchased or at the door.

The regular lucky door prizes and raffles will be back with over $150 of prizes to be won. To learn more about First Friday Live visit and or call Livio Mazzon on 0428 235 871.                        -END-