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Written by Tuesday, 22 September 2015 13:27

Jazz musician Paul Dal Broi returns to Griffith for special jazz event!

Former Griffith man and renowned jazz musician Paul Dal Broi is headed home to share the
stage with several local musicians for First Friday Live on August 7, 2015.

Paul, who studied a Diploma in Jazz at the Canberra School of Music, will blend his musical
prowess with vocalist Mechlene Nehme, Lachlan Pendlebury on trumpet, flugelhorn, and
percussion, bassist Bernard Gray, and popular Griffith drummer Gianni Cocilova who is
making his first appearance at First Friday Live.

The group will unleash their beautiful sounds at Giuseppe’s Restaurant & Bar, formerly
known as Bar One88.

Paul has taken a step back from performing in 2015 year to concentrate on recording a
piano instrumental CD. He is also composing original songs with colleague Kieryn Khan,
which he hopes to record with guest vocal artists.

“It’s a privilege to have this opportunity to play with Paul who is an incredibly talented
musician yet remains humble despite his success. We are thrilled he’s taking a break from
his performing sabbatical to join us for an exciting night of jazz,” Lachlan Pendlebury said.

Paul has performed and recorded with Aria award-winning artists Sandy Evans, Miroslav
Bukovsky and Trish Delaney-Brown. He has also performed with some of Sydney’s finest
jazz musicians including James Greening, Warwick Alder and Brendan Clarke.

“Paul has a reputation of solid, reliable musicianship, and a keen ability to tackle all genres
of music from reggae to acid jazz. He also demonstrated amazing talents in modern jazz
when he played with the band Vertical for three years alongside internationally recognised
American bass player Eric Ajaye,” Lachlan added.