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First Friday Live for June saw the dynamic Metro showcase the talent of local guest artists. 

On alto and tenor saxophone, Lynda Medcalf hypnotised the 80 plus crowd, getting them into the groove for the night. Cheryl Tucker soothed souls with a couple of classics while Brendan Catanzariti showed off his many talents with vocals, guitar and some bongo beats complimenting the rhythm section of Metro. 

Only 17 years old, Sam Hutchinson matched Metro's own brass aficionado, Lachlan Pendlebury, with the trumpet and flugelhorn, demonstrating incredible talent. And a show stopping performance by Kyle Jones, who has recently returned from solo performances throughout Europe and Canada, brought the crowd to the stage. A virtuoso of finger picking and unique sounds on a Cole Clarke guitar mesmerised all that were there.

If you were there, you’ll still be buzzing from the night. If not, we’ll see you at next month's First Friday Live at Bar One88.


A Showcase of Griffith Talent

First Friday Live is no stranger to innovative ideas! The founders of the live jazz scene in Griffith now bring you a barrage of Griffith's best talent, all in one night.

There is so much talent tucked away in Griffith, but so few outlets for it to be shown off. And that is precisely what FFL has set about to do. For the first Friday of June, the FFL organisers have pulled together the best that Griffith has to offer in jazzy, soulful and blues genres.

Well known names such as Lynda Medcalf, Cheryl Tucker, Brendan Catanzariti, as well as a number of young up-and-coming artists will feature in this packed line-up on Friday June 6th.

The concert will feature a variety of instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, guitar, keyboards, vocals and percussion. Actually, it's going to be a smorgasbord of delightful sounds and soulful grooves all night long.

Young talents Sam Hutchinson and Liam Corbett will treat the audience with his dynamic trumpeting of jazz standards, while veteran performer Brendan Catanzariti will soothe you with a number of classic Buble and blues tunes. Cheryl Tucker will belt out some soul classics, and Lynda Medcalf will bring the sax into the forefront. There will be a special grande finale featuring the full ensemble - the largest ever for FFL!

Invite your friends, book a table and enjoy a night of fabulous live music. We can’t wait to see you there!

This month's concert will be held at Bar One88, 188 Banna Avenue Griffith.

Be part of the fun. Book a table for 7.30pm and enjoy a night of live music for the low, low cover charge of just $15 per person.

First Friday Live is a not-for-profit, community-organised event run by local volunteers with the aim of nurturing a strong live music scene in our town.