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The ishs/Allen Project

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“The music of ade ishs — and now the music he makes on this album with Chelsea Allen — is far from simple, yet the expression is direct and heartfelt. There are moments when it can become almost too pretty, but that is the risk one takes if making your music inclusive and not exclusive to your fellow human beings.” — John Hardaker, Australian Jazz


Clear the winter blues with Theishs/Allen Project

The ishs/Allen Project is set to warm up the stage for First Friday Live and their Jazz Winter Festival at the Yoogali Club on Friday, July 7.

The dynamic Melbourne band brings with them a bucket-load of raving reviews and will not hold back when performing to FFL audiences.

Bringing their uplifting and unique sound together are Ade Ishs with vocals, keyboard and piano, Chelsea Allen with drums and vocals, Paul Bonnington on acoustic and electric basses, and Ee Shan Pang with the trumpet, flugelhorn, and his vocals.

Spearheaded by pianist Ade Ishs and drummer Chelsea Allen, the band delivers original-modern jazz tunes in various styles including Latin Funk and more.

The band's eponymous debut album garnered positive acclaims from critics including 89.7 Eastside FM who described the new album as a ‘cracking album’ with ‘really great energy’.

“The Project has produced something not very common in jazz, an album that reeks of a positive vibe, very uplifting, almost joyful.” Michael Prescott from Jazzwise Magazine said.

“This new album has pushed the bar for all other Australian contemporary acts. These talented musicians have worked together to create one of the best jazz albums out at the moment. With praise from the jazz community pouring in, this group is one to watch for the future,” Sharni White from cargoART said.

With a bucket-load of raving reviews behind them, the band is excited to showcase their new album Stories Under the Sky for the FFL crowd.

The new album, which will be released in August, features saxophone maestro Lachlan Davidson, providing additional layers of woodwind goodness to the orchestration.

Stories Under the Sky reflects cinematic stories in the form of sound, departing from the mainstream jazz although still hinting at the tradition, making it a genre-bending collection.

The band will take pre-orders during the FFLfor Stories Under the Sky.

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