Our History

There's just not enough live music around Griffith, especially Jazz! What can we do about it?

Discussions developed between Lachlan Pendlebury and Livio Mazzon about the lack of a strong live music scene in the Griffith area. Both keen listeners and performers of many styles of music, the boys continued performing in the region, but remained dissatisfied with the number of opportunities to hear and see Jazz locally.

Meanwhile, they travelled to the larger centres whenever an interesting act was performing. However, the concept of a local jazz venue, with regular, reliable and quality acts....was quietly brewing in the background....


Nothing is going to happen unless we do something about it!

Pendlebury and Mazzon set about organising a regular jazz initiative for Griffith. They were spurred on by Griffith City Council's 'Club Ricetti' concept. This was a semi-regular concert held in the Burley Griffith Room at the Griffith Regional Theatre, and it proved to them that there was a ground-swell of support for good jazz in Griffith.

The Club Ricetti concerts occurred throughout 2011, but unfortunately were discountinued when the new 2012 season was announced.


Now more motivated than ever, the pair pitched to Council to continue the Jazz concerts, and also had a story published in the local paper, The Area News, describing the need for more jazz, and regular performances.

That story stimulated a number of people to contact Mazzon and Pendlebury, and based on this feedback, a formation committee was formed. The committee then worked together to develop the concept, and the format for the performances.

On 7 December 2012, the very first FFL concert was held at Bar One88 Griffith, featuring the band Metro, and viewed by a sold out audience.

There's no looking back now!


First Friday Live continues to successfully present bands and feature artists, month after month, breaking only for the month of January - which is considered holiday season.

The Committee begins to develop the concept of a Jazz Festival for Griffith.